The first step in becoming a licensed Amateur Radio operator is to Prepare.

The test itself is highly structured. It consists of 35 questions for Technician and General and 50 questions for Extra. They are in multiple-choice format.

The questions come from the pool of 394 questions for Technician, 457 questions for General, 735 questions for Extra Class. Each question has four possible answers. 

Only one answer, however, is correct. A passing minimum score requires that 26 questions for Technician and General and 37 questions for Extra must be answered correctly. The question pool (downloaded or purchased in book form) lists each of the questions and all four possible answers for each question. The only difference between the pool questions and an exam’s questions is the order in which the answers are presented.

Below are several practice exams online.

It’s FREE and an excellent method to determine if you’re ready for the test.

Try them all and use those you like the best. When you are able to score 85% or better consistently, you are ready to have a reasonable chance of passing the actual test in my eyes.

Keep practicing those exams and become a good ham radio operator.

Technician, General, Extra, Amateur Radio Practice Exams.

KD0FNR   QRZ   E-Ham   AA9PW

Dedicate time each day reading the questions and the answers. Read the complete question and the answers each time.

If you don’t get it right review back to the question and see the correct answer. Then for you’re on peace of mind look it up in your study book. 

To see why and understand why it was the right answer.


Study twenty to 30 minutes once or twice a day should be sufficient preparation for an exam that is 3 to 4 weeks away.

Take the exam. Bring the required documents (identification and any certificates if upgrading) and exam fee to the session. As of this writing (2011), the exam fee is $15. If you fail, you can take the test again right away – no need to wait for the next exam session. A second testing fee will be required, however. If you miss it by more than a couple of questions – it might be best to study a bit more before retesting.

Ham Radio Video Licenses Courses.

This is an excellent video course, you will learn things the right way. Everybody can mesmerize test questions but you need to know how things work.

Bob – W5CL