Terry’s Antennas Ready for Field day

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Terry’s Antennas Ready for Field day

This is from Terry:

I have setup the 4 antennas I am bringing to field day fo shake down and testing. The club’s hexbeam,(on my 16′ tripod and mast), my military inverted vee( 20′ MAST), my MFJ longwire(50′ tree), and my 2M on 16′ mast with tripod. After several repairs to the lead lines, All antennas were test with my MFJ 259 antenna analyzer, and all were acceptable. Noen were over 1.8, and were 1.5 or less on the most popular frequencies. I am glad to report that I have had good success, considering the conditions, today. All three HF antennas covered the USA with 110W, and with good reports on sideband in every band. That is 40M, 20M, 17M, 10M, and 2M with the 49 and the 76 repeaters both working well from Molino.
I also have my DMR HT that will scan all the local DMR repeaters and the UHF analog too. If anyone would like to setup a station for those bands, bring the gear and I’ll help setup.

IF WE WANT TO WORK 80M AND/OR 160M i HAVE NO ANTENNA!!!! If someone wants to work those bands, and they bring an antenna, I will be happy to help them setup. I do have HAMSTICKS and a tripod to use for 80M, but nothing for 160M.

Regarding logging. I will be happy to do the data entry for anyone who prefers to keep pap logs. I’d like to get together with Chuck to give me a tutoring in N1MM. I think I’ll do the paper too because I don’t want to lug the laptop around.

I have one small tuner that I will bring, but I didn’t need it today for any frequencies I worked,
In will be testing the antennas for the next few days, and If anyone would like to come and test their equipment with these antennas, please feel welcome to come by. m The Victoria Secret models will stay in the back of the house and not bother us.

Hex Beam
2 Meter
Military Antenna


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