Milton Amateur Radio Club Net Preamble

 Club web site is:

    This is ___call___________ does anyone need to use the repeater before I begin the Milton Amateur Radio Club Net?

    Calling all Amateur Radio Operators with-in the area covered by the 145.490 Mhz repeater.

    “Good evening, this is: <callsign>, my name is <name of net control operator>  activating the Milton Amateur Radio Club Net.

    “This net is conducted every Monday evening at 8:00 PM CST for the purpose of handling traffic, making announcements, selling or trading ham related items and to get acquainted with call signs and fellow hams.”

    “Emergency traffic may be indicated by a triple break, and will be accepted at any time.

    Any station not making the repeater please transmit on 145.490 MHz Simplex and ask for a relay.

     This is a directed net. Do not transmit unless you are directed to do so by the net control station. Unless otherwise directed by net control, all stations will please remain on frequency until all traffic has been listed and assigned.

    This net is operated as a function of the Milton Amateur Radio Club. It is not necessary to be a

    Milton Amateur Radio Club member to check-in. We welcome all Amateur Radio Operators.

    The Milton Amateur Radio Club meets at 7:00 P.M. CST., on the third Tuesday

    Of each month at the United Way Complex (Conference Room) 6479A Caroline Street,  Milton, Florida 32570. If you have any question

    About the Milton Amateur Radio Club or would like to become a club member,

    Please contact the Club President, K4LWC Larry Carpenter . His E-mail is (                    

    If you have any questions about the operation of the Milton Amateur Radio Club net or would like to become a net control station, please contact
    the Net Coordinator, W5CL Robert Perry. (  Phone: 850-390-1665

     This repeater is located in the City of Milton, Florida. The repeater is a Yaesu  DR-1 C4FM Digital Repeater

    Running at 50 watts into a DB-24 four bay dipole antenna array at 150 feet above the ground.

     Any station with traffic information (announcements or bulletins or news) for the net, please check in now.

    First – do we have any internet protocol check ins? Any ham operator calling in via Echolink, please check in now.

    The Net Control Station will acknowledge all who call in via Echolink before moving on to call the regular roll.

    Does anyone need any of these Echolink stations before I release them?

    I will now standby for mobile stations or short of timers. Please call now.

    Does anyone need any of these mobile stations before I release them?

     Early check-ins or free to secure at their discretion and thank you for participating.


    The Milton Amateur Radio Club Net will be conducted informally tonight.

    I will first take a list of check-ins. This is ______________ beginning the

    regular check-ins. Please come now one at a time with your call sign and

    your name and location. If you're just checking in for the numbers please state (In or Out.)


     I will now stand-by for any late check-ins please call one at a time now.


    We will now conduct the Swap-n-Shop segment of the net. Are there any items wanted or any items not listed on the Swap-n-Shop of the web site ( if so, please state what you need or want to

     At this time I will be closing the net  hearing nothing more, all stations are free to secure. Thank you all for your Participation tonight.



    The Net wishes to thank the Milton Amateur Radio Club for making the 145.490

    MHz Repeater Available for the net tonight. 


    This is ____________ returning the repeater to normal amateur radio use, and securing at _______ (time.)


    Thank you all and good evening. 73



    Please direct comments and items of interest to the Webmaster