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                             "The Pride of the Florida Panhandle" 





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      How to get started in DMR using a TYTMD-380 and OpenSpot

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Getting started in DMR using a TYT MD-380 and an openspot


First, your md-380 radio needs to have a new firmware and database loaded.

This gives the radio additional features and best of all, allows the dmr ham database to be loaded in the radio.

3d party firmware can void the radio warranty, but loads fine if you follow the instructions.

If this step is not done, all you see on your HT is DMR#s, no calls, names, qth etc.

You need to download the programming software listed next, but will not be used till second step.

A link for TYT-MD-380 software is -

A link for TYT MD-390 software is -

TYT USB cable drivers should be included with radio on CD. Some computers pick up driver automatically.


Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning

First, download the "Tytera Flash Tool ver 1.05"  listed at the bottom of the following link...

Watch the video at the top of the page on how to flash the new firmware and load the ham database.

A good website that also explains this process is,

Warning!!!  Follow this process to the Tee (Are you will be buying a NEW RADIO..) Warning!!!


Second,  after this is done a codeplug will need to be loaded.

This is basically the configuration of talkgroups, private calls, etc.

Codeplugs can be setup for repeaters, openspots, or simplex freqs.

We will be focused on using your HT with an openspot in this tutorial.

The codeplug is also the place that the frequency of your openspot resides for each (channel) talkgroup.

So if you download a codeplug, check the freq in the codeplug channels.

The codeplug channel freqs will be the same, but your openspot has to be set to this same freq to work.

Codeplug files can be looked at and edited before loading into the radio.

They can be obtained by downloading on web, at local hamclub or hams.This is an easy way to get started.

The codeplug files are loaded into the radio by File, Open, then select the file with the *. rdt extention.

Before writing the codeplug using your tyt programming software, be sure to enter your callsign and dmr number too.

It is under "general settings" tab of the radio programming software.

"Radio name" is where your callsign goes and "radio id" is where your 7 digit dmr # goes.

Use "Program" pulldown, then "write data" to radio.

You are done with radio !

Third, Configure OpenSpot

Log into OpenSpot, From the OpenSpot manual this found under "First Steps"

Open http://openspot.local or http://openspot/ in your browser.

The password is openspot.


NOTE: After any box that has a save button, hit save after entry is done to save !


Edit connectors = Homebrew/MMDVM

modem xmt and rcv freq = freq given in codeplug for channels

Protocol = Homebrew

Server =  US/3101

Callsign = "your callsign"

DMD ID = "your 7 digit dmr #)

Click advanced button at lower right of page, giving you more options.

Backup Server = US / 3102

Modem Settings

Mode/submode = DMR Hotspot

modem rcv and xmt freqs = same as in codeplug channels ( see above)


DMR demod mode = set initially for "C" but a calibration will have to be done to know for sure.

Calibration is done by going back to connectors page and edit connector pulldown to "DMR Autocal"

Then hit button "switch to selected. Switch radio channel to local.

Hold radio ptt button down and the status progess bar will fill in bar at bottom of window.

When finished, hit save button. Switch back to "Modem Settings" page.

It should be in the correct DMR demod mode, usually C or D.

Hit save in frequency window. Then logout out of openspot.



Navigating radio:

Blue button is "menu ", up and down arrows, orange button is "back".

Top middle knob, rotates between 16 channels only.

The # key brings up a secondary menu from the new firmware that can be useful.

Turn radio on, With menu button in radio goto zone and select a zone that contains the channel ( or talkgroup) you wish to operate.

Turn 16 ch knob on top of radio till you get to the talkgroup you want.

Briefly hit the ptt on radio to connect to the talkgroup.

If a talkgroup or private call is not in your radio, you can hit menu button, Goto Utilities, and select either:

3 set talkgroup, or 4 private call - then you can manually enter them.


Good DMR Websites:

You can register for your DMR # at this site. Goto "register ID" tab, then goto bottom of page to "user registration"

To lookup a ham or get a listing of hams worldwide goto "Database tab", then "user database".

This site allow you to scan ALL DMR talkgroups realtime including allows you to listen to them on your pc or cell.

Click on talkgroups, then scanner. If you want to listen to one, click on the talkgroup on right side of screen.

If you want to listen to a talkgroup by entering the number, click on talkgroup pulldown.

Enter the TG in the pulldown box !

To find where a ham may be on a talkgroup. Click on the left side of screen on "Hotspots".

In upper right side of sceen in "search box", enter the callsign.

Under "name" columb, click on their callsign. This will show recent activity with talkgroup information !


This is a local, North West Florida Codeplug:

 Load this codeplug into the TYT cps software. This codeplug is for an MD-380.

( For an MD-380 this codeplug can be loaded into "Contact manager program by N0GSG and can be resaved

as an MD-390 codeplug. )

1. Under general setting, enter ID# in box label "radio id".

2. Under intro screen, (line 1) enter your callsign, (line 2) enter ypur DMR ID #

This codeplug redefines side buttons above and below ptt button as:

Short press             Long press

Side button 1:         Status             Disconnect 

Side button 2:       Zone select          H/L power

Codeplug includes:

An openspot 1 zone that has most of the comment TG's.

Mobile, Alabama and Spanish Fort repeaters.

All 50 states TG's and USA area TG's

A zone named freinds for private call that can be edited.


NWF Generic.rdt

               Update codeplug 02/02/2018                  












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Ham Radio Insurance Associates. Insurance for Hams by Hams since 1994.
Click on picture and you will go to there web site.

     The yearly cost is $49.00 this, gives you the Monthly QST and Web Services

W4VIY links are checked every three weeks. While every effort is made to maintain accurate information, it may happen that certain topics, documents, e-mail addresses or web sites changes without notice. If you find information, which is no longer current, or information regarding Amateur Radio that could be useful to others, email me.

 I'll be happy to include it on this site. 

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